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Nordic Superfood by Myrberg

Health- & Exercise Inspirator

By Myrberg

My goal is to show what effects nutritious food, natural beauty care, sauna baths, exercise and the right thinking can give body and soul. My products are developed to make it easier to achieve beauty, vitalitet, energy and sustainable health in a simple way! The brand by Myrberg was founded by Linda Myrberg, acupuncturist and holistic spa expert, who has over 25 years of experience and wide expertise in health, influenced both by Western and Eastern teaching. Linda's vision is to inspire a life filled with health and well-being from a holistic perspective. She works as a spa consultant and holistic health expert. She has participated in TV, newspapers and lectures around Europe. Linda runs the company Nordic Superfood and is constantly developing new products within the brand by Myrberg.

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"Each person, spa or project is unique. My job is to help my clients reach their goals and their full potential. Whether it is spa design, a healthier life or increased holistic knowledge..."

– Linda Myrberg



Nordic super berries and green powder mixes, marine collagen, raw juice and tea from the wild nordic nature. Free from sugar or other additions. Filled with vitamins, fibers, minerals and antioxidants.

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Cupping is an alternative medicine method where vacuum is used to lift skin and connective tissue. Use on the body against cellulite, pain and muscle tension. On the face, it creates a face lift, increases blood circulation and can reduce wrinkles.

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Essential oils have both a fragrance and function. Choose from seven different scents with different effects on body and soul. Use in massage oil, in sauna boiler, bath or scented lamp.


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