What's better than a smoothie with Nordic Superfood's nutritious products? Try some of our smoothies!

  • Lingonberry & Raspberry nice cream
    28/04/2020 0 Comments
    Lingonberry & Raspberry nice cream

    Lingonberry & Raspberry nice cream from @jadoresmoothies <3


    1 tsp Lingonberry raw juice concentrate

    1-2 frozen Bananas

    200 g frozen Raspberries

    100 g Coconut Yoghurt


    Mix everything in a blender, and add the lingonberry raw juice. Top with puffed quinoa, coconut yoghurt, granola and pomegranate seeds in layers. Enjoy!

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  • Apple smoothie
    03/04/2020 0 Comments
    Apple smoothie

    Apple smoothie with our Yellow Powder, perfect for easter!

    2 tbsp Yellow Berry Powder – Sea Buckthorn, Rosehip & Cloudberry
    2 dl of Natural Yogurt
    1/2 Apple
    1 krm Cinnamon



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  • red nice cream Red nice cream
    26/02/2020 0 Comments
    Red nice cream

    Red nice cream 

    1 tbsp Red berry powder
    2 frozen Bananas
    1 dl frozen Raspberries
    1 tsp Vanilla Extract


    How to:
    Mix everything in a blender, and mix until smooth and creamy!


    Photo: @heijalaura  ❤️

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  • blueberry nicecream Blueberry coconut nicecream
    20/02/2020 0 Comments
    Blueberry coconut nicecream



    1 bag Nordic Beauty Remedy
    2 dl Blueberries (frozen)
    2 Bananas (frozen)
    1/2 dl Coconut cream (refrigerated overnight)
    1 tbsp Honey


    How to:
    Refrigerate the coconut cream overnight so that it’s completely firm when ready for use. Add everything in a food processor. Blend until completely smooth! For a soft-serve, serve immediately in small bowls. If you prefer your ice cream more firm, pour into a container, and freeze for 1-2 hours to allow the ice cream to firm up a bit more.

    Then scoop onto a bowl. Top with fresh berries and enjoy!


    Beautiful photo by @ari_goes_to_wonderland 

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  • Green smoothie bowl
    13/02/2020 0 Comments
    Green smoothie bowl

    Tasty smoothie with our GREEN powder! It’s perfect if you are doing our Easy Detox!


    1 tsk Nordic Superfood – Green powder
    1 kiwi
    3 dl frozen mango
    3 dl spinach
    1 orange (juice)
    1 lime (juice)
    1 dl plant based milk


    How to: Peel the kiwi. Mix everything in a blender. Top it with some extra Green powder and kiwi! Yummy!

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  • Detox smoothie with green powder
    12/02/2020 0 Comments
    Detox smoothie with green powder

    Detox Smoothie with Green Powder! 

    1 tsp Green Powder
    2 dl Plantbased milk
    1 Lime (juice)
    5 bits frozen Spinach
    1 Avocado
    3 cm Ginger
    1/2 Banana

    How to: Peel the ginger. Cut into small pieces. Combine everything in a blender and

    Pour into a glass and enjoy! Your body will thank you for this one!

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  • Anti-age smoothie
    12/02/2020 0 Comments
    Anti-age smoothie


    2 Frozen bananas
    1 tbsp of BLUE powder ( blueberries, chokeberries, black currant)
    1 tbsp of Collagen Premium+
    3 cups of plant based milk
    1 orange
    1 spoon of MCT or Coconut oil

    Mix in a blender and pimp with nuts, flowers, banana or what ever you feel like! .

    Rich in fibers, the antioxidant Anthocyanin & C vitamin ( which helps the skin produce more collagen) and the great add of Marine Collagen will boost your skin even more!


    Thanks to @oneslicemore for photo & inspiration.

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  • Fatburner smoothie
    12/02/2020 1 Comment
    Fatburner smoothie


    2 dl plantbased milk
    1 banana
    1 tbs RED powder
    1 tbs Collagen
    1 ml cayenne pepper (cayenne pepper also boost the fat burn)!
    Ice cubes
    Mix together and enjoy!

    Photo cred: @vega_photographer

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  • purple smoothie bowl Purple smoothie bowl
    12/02/2020 1 Comment
    Purple smoothie bowl

    1 bag Nordic Beauty Remedy – Collagen, Blue berries & Seaweed
    1 frozen Banana
    2 dl Blueberries
    1 dl Plantbased Milk

    How to:
    Top with banana, strawberries, sunflower seeds and coconut flakes, and some extra Nordic Beauty Remedy if you want!

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  • drinking green smoothie Green smoothie
    09/01/2020 1 Comment
    Green smoothie

    Need a great Green smoothie to start your day with?

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  • Red smoothie bowl
    17/09/2019 1 Comment
    Red smoothie bowl

    Mix your favorite vegetables together with -

    2,5 dl coconut/cashew/oat or almond milk

    2 teaspoon RED berrypowder (lingonberry, red currant, cranberry)

    Top it with chufa crunch, coconut and fresh berries!

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  • Blue smoothie bowl
    15/08/2019 3 Comments
    Blue smoothie bowl

    1 serving

    2 teaspoons Blue berry powder
    1.5 cups of blueberries
    1.5 cups of raspberry
    1 passion fruit

    Top with granola, coconut, blueberry and Blue berry powder

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  • Green smoothie
    24/07/2019 1 Comment
    Green smoothie

    1 tsk Green bärpulver - brännässla, grönkål, mynta

    1 banan

    5-6 bitar frusen spenat

    1 liten bit ingefära

    ½ citron

    2,5 dl kokos/cashew/havre eller mandelmjölk

    1/2 avocado

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  • Red smoothie
    24/07/2019 1 Comment
    Red smoothie


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  • Buckthorn beauty drink
    24/07/2019 2 Comments
    Buckthorn beauty drink

    A beauty drink that enhances skin, hair and muscles and is anti-inflammatory. Nordic health rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals from the wild nordic nature. No sugar added.

    1 teaspoon YELLOW berry powder

    1 teaspoon Sea buckthorn rawjuice concentrate

    1 tablespoon Collagen Premium+

    1/2 dl Ecological apple juice

    1/2 Water

    How to do it:

    Add water and collagen, stir so that the collagen melts. Add the rest in and some ice cubs. Top with YELLOW berry powder and fresh mint.

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