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  • Red pancakes
    28/04/2020 4 Comments
    Red pancakes


    2 Eggs

    6 dl Milk

    2,5 dl Flour

    0,5 krm Salt

    1 tbsp Butter


    Top with:

    Red Berrypowder

    Whipped cream


    How to:

    Recept för ca 4 people.  Whip the eggs in a bowl with half of the milk. Add the flour and whisk to a smooth batter. Heat a pan on average heat, cook the pancakes in some butter. Put the pancakes on a plate, add a click of whipped cream or chasew cream. Top with Red Berrypowder for an extra boost of vitamins and fiber!

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  • Avocado toast
    30/03/2020 1 Comment
    Avocado toast

    Avocado toast with our Green Powder from only plants!


    2 tsk Nordic Superfood - Green Powder
    2 Avokado
    5 Basil leaves
    2 Sourdough bread slices (toast them a little if you want)
    1 Lemon slice
    1 ml Sea salt
    1 ml Black pepper
    1 ml Chili flakes


    How to:
    In a food processer: mix avokado, some basil leaves, a little lemon juice and the spices. Blend until smooth. Spread the avokado mixture onto two slices of bread. Top with extra basil leaves and our Green Powder!

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  • strawberry chia parfait Strawberry chia parfait
    03/03/2020 2 Comments
    Strawberry chia parfait

    Strawberry Chia Parfait with Red Berry Powder! ❤️


    Chia Pudding – Ingredients:
    1 dl plant based Milk
    1/4 dl Chia Seeds
    1 tbsp Maple Syrup


    Strawberry layer – Ingredients:
    1 tbsp Red Berry Powder ❤️
    1 dl frozen Strawberries
    1 frozen Banana
    1/2 dl Coconut Milk


    How to:
    Make the chia pudding: whisk together the ingredients and chill overnight.


    Make the strawberry layer: Blend frozen strawberries, frozen banana, and coconut water in a high speed blender. Add additional coconut water until consistency desired. Add in RED Berry Powder!


    In the morning, spoon the chia pudding to fill half the cup, and top with the strawberry layer. Garnish with rosebuds to get in spring mood!

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  • chia Chia coconut parfait
    14/02/2020 1 Comment
    Chia coconut parfait

    Chia Coconut Parfait with Nordic Beauty Remedy!

    1 bag Nordic Beauty Remedy
    2 dl Coconut milk
    3 tablespoons Chia seeds
    2 teaspoons Honey
    0,5 teaspoon Vanilla extract

    How to:
    For two portions. Combine coconut milk, chia seeds, honey and vanilla in a bowl. Whisk it well. Let the mixture sit for about 30 minutes in room temperature. Mix once more and place in refrigerate for at least 3 hours or overnight. Take it out about 10 minutes before serving. Layer the mixture with Nordic Beauty Remedy and fresh blackberry! Yummy! 


    Lovley picture by @oneslicemore 

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  • Yellow juice Skinboost Juice
    12/02/2020 1 Comment
    Skinboost Juice

    Skinboost Juice

    Another recipe from our amazing Easy Detox Box, make sure you get one before it’s out of stock! 

    1 tsp Sea Buckthorn raw juice
    2,5 dl Water
    1 tsp Honey

    How to:
    Pour the raw juice and honey in a glas. Fill it up with water and stir so the honey melts. If you want - pimp it with some Yellow berry powder! 

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  • red cappuccino Red superchino
    12/02/2020 0 Comments
    Red superchino


    2 dl hot plant based milk
    2 tsp Nordic Superfood Red powder
    1 teaspoon agave syrup

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  • Collagen Latte
    02/01/2020 0 Comments
    Collagen Latte

    Collagen Latte with cinnamon ☕️

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  • green smoothie Green energy boost
    27/12/2019 0 Comments
    Green energy boost

    Mix together:

    Nordic Superfood – Green Powder
    1 Water
    3 cm Ginger
    1 Lemon
    1 tablespoon Honey


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  • Nordic Beauty Oatmeal
    05/12/2019 - Isabella 0 Comments
    Nordic Beauty Oatmeal

    A meal full of fiber, perfect for breakfast!

    2 dl oats
    3-4 dl water
    Little cinnamon + cardamom
    A bag of Nordic Beauty Remedy

    Stir together and enjoy! Top with black berry.

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  • Red smoothie bowl
    17/09/2019 1 Comment
    Red smoothie bowl

    Mix your favorite vegetables together with -

    2,5 dl coconut/cashew/oat or almond milk

    2 teaspoon RED berrypowder (lingonberry, red currant, cranberry)

    Top it with chufa crunch, coconut and fresh berries!

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  • Black currant chia pudding
    17/09/2019 3 Comments
    Black currant chia pudding

    Recipe for 1 serving

    1 teaspoon Black currant rawjuice concentrate

    1 teaspoon BLUE berry powder

    1,5 tablespoon Chia seeds
    1 dl (and a little extra when serving) Coconut milk
    1 teaspoon Honey

    1 pinch of Sea salt

    Little bit of pure Vanilla powder

    How to do it:

    Soak chia seeds in coconut milk together with vanilla, honey, BLUE berry powder and blueberry rawjuice concentrate. Stir and store in fidge at least 1 hour, but over night is even better. Place in a small bowl/cup and fill with a few tablespoons of cold coconut milk. Top with coconut flakes and BLUE berry powder.

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  • Cold brew tea
    17/09/2019 1 Comment
    Cold brew tea

    Did you know that you also can cold brew our tea?

    1,5 tbsp tea (Detox tea, Berry tea or C-vitamin tea)

    1 l cold water

    How to do it:
    Put the tea in a jug and fill it with water. Cover the jug with plastic and let cool in the fridge for at least 3 hours, but preferably overnight. When it’s done, filter away tea and pour in a glass with ice.

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  • Blue smoothie bowl
    15/08/2019 3 Comments
    Blue smoothie bowl

    1 serving

    2 teaspoons Blue berry powder
    1.5 cups of blueberries
    1.5 cups of raspberry
    1 passion fruit

    Top with granola, coconut, blueberry and Blue berry powder

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  • Collagen healthdrink
    15/08/2019 0 Comments
    Collagen healthdrink

    Recipe for 1 liter


    2-3 tablespoons Nordic Superfood Black currant raw juice
    1-2 tbsp Nordic Superfood Collagen powder
    1 slice of lemon juice

    How to do it:
    Mix 1 liter of water with black currant raw juice and collagen powder. Squeeze in lemon juice. Serve with ice and lemon!

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  • Yellow oatmeal
    15/08/2019 1 Comment
    Yellow oatmeal

    Oatmeal for two people

    2 tsk sea buckthorn raw juice
    2 cups of herbal milk
    2 cups of coconut milk
    1 tablespoon maple syrup
    1 teaspoon vanilla powder
    1 cups sunflower seeds
    2 cups oatmeal
    1 pinch of sea salt

    How to do it:
    Mix plant milk, coconut milk, maple syrup, vanilla powder and sea buckthorn raw juice. Turn oatmeal and sunflower seeds together. Mix all liquids and dry ingredients together. Let porridge swell a little before distributing it in two bowls that can stand being in the fridge overnight. Serve with berries, sliced banana and Yellow berry powder!

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  • Red Latte
    24/07/2019 3 Comments
    Red Latte

    2 teaspoon Red, Blue, Green or Yellow berry powder

    2 dl warm Oat milk

    1 teaspoon Agave syrup

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  • Blue Chiapudding
    24/07/2019 1 Comment
    Blue Chiapudding

    Blue Chiapudding

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  • Detox drink
    24/07/2019 0 Comments
    Detox drink

    Ginger Water:

    1 liter of water

    3 cm grated fresh Ginger

    1 large tablespoon of Honey

    1 organic Lemon


    How to do it:

    Blend everything in a mixer. Pour into a bottle. Lasts for 4 days. Every morning: 1 glass of Ginger Water and 1 teaspoon of GREEN Powder.

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  • Green smoothie
    24/07/2019 1 Comment
    Green smoothie

    1 tsk Green bärpulver - brännässla, grönkål, mynta

    1 banan

    5-6 bitar frusen spenat

    1 liten bit ingefära

    ½ citron

    2,5 dl kokos/cashew/havre eller mandelmjölk

    1/2 avocado

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  • Red smoothie
    24/07/2019 1 Comment
    Red smoothie


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