Collagen Premium+
Microhydralized marine protein powder





» Documented effect against wrinkles and cellulite

» Promotes intestinal health

» More flexible joints and connective tissue

» Visible result after only 8 weeks




Our skin consists of 75% collagen and as we age, the collagen decreases - the skin becomes less elastic and we get wrinkles.


Collagen Premium ™
- Increases skin elasticity and firmness
- Reduces wrinkles and fine lines
- Improves skin surface
- Gives stronger nails
- Better hair quality


From the age of 25, the human body loses the ability to recreate collagen and we need supplements to maintain its own production.


The body's tendons and ligaments consist of about 85% collagen, while our bone tissue is 80%. Therefore, an intake of collagen slows down the breakdown and aging of joints.


For you who exercise, the collagen has an advantage as it goes directly into the muscles and the cellular processes. Collagen Premium ™ is a peptide hydrolyzed protein. That means, the body does not need to break down into shorter chains of amino acids.



Glycine contained in collagen peptides are inhibited neurotransmitters and soothe the nervous system, reducing stress, anxiety and better quality of sleep.

Glycine also helps to release hormones by inhibiting the production of estrogen excess. Excess estrogen is often linked to weight gain, diabetes and increased risk of breast cancer. Glycine also helps the body maintain healthy blood sugar levels by regulating the insulin's ability to process glucose as energy instead of storing it as fat. Collagen increases blood circulation and can reduce the amount and appearance of cellulite.

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Health claims

»Collagen helps maintain healthy and moving joints.

»Collagen helps maintain normal connective tissue.

»Helps maintain the body's own collagen formation in the skin and helps to improve the structure of the skin and counteract wrinkles and soft skin.

»Collagen deficiency can cause muscle aches and joint problems.

We recommend a daily intake of 1-2 tablespoons (5-10 g) the first / month. Then 1 tablespoon daily. The product is made in Norway of fish skins (wild caught, Norwegian cod). Neutral taste. Use Collagen Premium + powder daily as part of a versatile diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Nutrition /100g:

Energi, calculated 1593 kj / 381 kcal, Protein 99,6g, Carbohydrates 0.2g, Sugars 0.2g, Fat 0.00g, Salt 0.00g

Why should I choose Collagen Premium+?

Collagen is a protein that is an important building block in the connective tissue. Blood, cartilage, internal organs, skin and bones consist of connective tissue, which makes up 60% of our bodies. The collagen makes up about 80% of this connective tissue. Collagen can be likened to the body's own glue that holds the entire body together. Our resistance to various diseases, our appearance and longevity are directly dependent on the quality of the body's collagen.


»Tests performed on fish collagen using light microscope and electron microscope showed Increased production of collagen from fibroblasts »Thickening of the skin

»Increase in mucin (glycoprotein) in the papillary dermis.

»Furthermore, set fish collagen showed to have a significant positive effect on the treatment of

»Periodontitis, skin allergy, acne, dandruff, psoriasis, burns, dermatitis, alopecia, swelling and inflammation of the joints.

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