Christmas Raw balls

A delicious alternative to other Christmas candies!

Raw food balls with optional Nordic Superfood powder, )

Almond flour (a.k.a. Chufa or Tigernuts) is a good alternative if you want to make the balls nut-free, but you can also use almonds, cashew or hazelnuts. However, if you use whole nuts, you should mix / chop them on your own first.

Ingredients:(for 10-12 pcs)

60g Almond flour (optional nuts such as cashew / hazelnuts)

1.5 tbsp Kakaonibs

1 tbsp Coconut Oil / Ghee

15g melted cocoa butter

15g melted cocoa paste

130g Medjool Dadlar (approx. 12 pcs)

3 tbsp Cocoa

2tsk honey

1 tbsp Vanilla powder

1 / 2krm Sea salt

1krm dried ginger

Berry powder to roll the balls in

Do this: Put the dates in hot water for a few minutes. Then pull off the leather and remove the cores. Melt cocoa butter, cocoa paste and coconut oil over water bath. Mix dates with all dry ingredients to a rough day a powerful mixer. Add the fat and mix again until you get a smooth dough. Form into 10-12 evenly sized balls. Roll the balls in carrier powder. Store the balls in the fridge.


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