Founder - Linda Myrberg

Linda Myrberg, has over 25 years of experience of holistic health, training and loves the nordic nature! Linda educated herself as a spa manager in 2008 at the famous consulting firm Raison d'Etre in Stockholm. She is also one of the leading spa consultants in Scandinavia. Among other things, she also develops sauna rituals, spa and health products for leading spa and design companies, who often are focusing on the Nordic tradition. 

In the spa industry we always work from four cornerstones – activity, rest, healthy food and touch. The goal is to create this in your everyday life as well, then there will be balance in body and soul. My job is to help people there… 

– Linda Myrberg



Holistic knowledge and diet

Linda also has a long education as an acupuncturist in Chinese medicine TCM (4 1/2 years), ear acupuncture and nutrition. She lectures on the power of thought and holistic health philosophy, and organizes holistic antiage retreats and events, among others with Blossom Tainton. Interest in clean and healthy food has followed Linda for many years and she is constantly developing new healthy recipes that she is trying out at her events. 


Myrberg has been a TV coach, health expert and writer for various magazines and lectures on Nordic health trends around the world. She has her own spa & health blog where she shares her health tips, spa and training experiences. Her many years of experience from training and the spa industry has given her a broad competence and understanding of the body's needs, health and well-being. This has also meant that over the years she has gained extensive experience in teaching, coaching and giving other insights on how to best create a life filled with health and wellbeing from a holistic perspective. The goal is to show what health effects food, sauna, exercise and thoughts can give the body and how to achieve vitality and keep the energy life long.

Linda has created the health brand Nordic Superfood and constantly evolving new recipes as inspiration. She loves to cook healthy food! Here you can find more recipes! 

Clip from the TV-show "Jagten på ungdom" where Linda hosted the natural law that competed in how young you could be in 6 weeks! 

Linda has developed many different spa and beauty products for different companies over the years. Including NORDIC SPA for the brand By Nord Copenhagen.

Linda started her career as a professional musical artist, actress and singer and has worked in theaters, movies and commercials for over 13 years, mainly in Denmark. She has participated in productions like "West Side Story", "Den Glada Änkan", "Showboat", "Grease" and movies like "Arvet", "Dancer in the Dark", "Solkongen" and more and was the swedish voice behind Barbie for many years.  

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Trailer from the movie " Den siste rejse" by Lasse Spang Olsen.